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Machin Consulting is dedicated to providing the cost effective solutions you expect. Our staff can assist you with the services listed below. We strive to maintain a personal client relationship that will continue throughout all of your consulting needs.

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Business Planning
Let us review and assist you with forecasting both short and long term needs for customer demands, capital improvements, maintenance, vehicle and work equipment and manpower. We can provide solutions for your future.

Facilities Assessment
We will provide a detailed review of your current fleet, work equipment, buildings and network. Our summary report will describe the current condition of your facilities. We will then provide our recommendations based on cost, functionality and customer demand.

Operational Flow
We have the experience and knowledge to help you run a successful and cost effective operation. We will review your current processes, manpower needs, policies, reporting areas and customer contact locations to make sure you are achieving the most efficient and profitable results for your company.

Business Procurement
Machin Consulting can represent your company through business partnering. We can represent you in discussions with consultants, telephone companies, utility agreements, land purchases, building additions and project management.

We have the experience to assist you in acquisition growth and transition. Our staff has served on various acquisition teams and during all phases of the acquisition process. We can assist with a preview and analysis of future properties. Our staff will then guide you in transitioning the new company into your operational flow.

Human Resources
Performance Review
We will review your current practices and forms. We can provide training to supervisory employees on techniques and understanding the importance of employee performance reviews. We can assist you in developing a program if none exists.

Supervisor Training
We will offer the tools and training it takes to be a good supervisor. Our training will focus on record keeping, employee moral, leadership, training and discipline.

Hiring and Interviewing
We can assist your company with your hiring and interviewing needs. We can provide you the training and tools to help you hire the best talent available.

Employee Handbook
Every employee needs to know what the company benefits, expectations and guidelines are. We can help you develop a complete handbook.

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